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Ammunition in Pawtucket, RI

Find the ammunition you need for your competition or sport guns at Competition Shooting Supplies. We maintain an extensive selection of high-quality ammunition for all types of firearms at reasonable prices. The experienced staff at our shop in Pawtucket, RI, is prepared to help you find the right ammo.

Quality Competition Ammo

We offer a wide selection of cartridges suitable for most brands and types of firearms. Whether you shoot a high-powered rifle, a bullseye pistol or another type of competition gun, we have the special ammo you need to achieve the results you desire and hit the mark with confidence.
Ammunitation - Shooting Supplies in Pawtucket, RI

Reloaded Ammunition

Our reloaded ammunition is produced right here in Rhode Island by a licensed and insured manufacturer under strict quality guidelines with new primers and powder. The only difference from factory-new ammo is the brass case; otherwise, the quality and performance reliability is the same.

Preparation Ammo

We have the consistent shells you need for high-volume practice as you prepare for competitions. Our inventory also includes ammo with low recoil loads and selections with clean-burning powders that are ideal for both practice and competition.

Tailored to Your needs

We're your go-to source for loads in all calibers designed for any type of gun. We provide maximum value with clean consistent ammo for both pistol & rifle shooters. All ammo we have available offers the precision and functioning capabilities you expect.

Competition Shooting Supplies has the affordable ammunition you need. In addition to premium-quality ammo, we're also your source for gun sights, scopes and mounts, holsters and other gun supplies. Call today for more information on our inventory, or visit our location in Pawtucket during our convenient hours.